Love Letters in the Gardens

Inspired by an unexpected love affair with the gardens, Angel wrote a collection of love poems titled Love Letters in the Gardens. This book was her way of analyzing finding love again not only through a person but through life, nature & all things. The unique Collection of Poetic Love Letters inspired by love in the botanical gardens are orchestrated in a dramatic yet down to earth sense of nature. “The Garden’s Whisper”, “The Blue Bird Sings” & “Black Butterfly” are a few of the Poetic love letters. Although the love letters are playfully inspired by nature, they are also intriguing & simply a poetic love letter to love itself. Take a date to the Atlanta Botanical Garden. Purchase a copy of Love Letters in the Gardens in the Atlanta Botanical Gardens Gift Shop & you’ll experience a rare love affair.

The poem “Black Butterfly” was written to inspire women of color to love who they are without apology. The poem “Am I Kidding Myself” questions how real love is & if what you are feeling is really love.

The Author, Angel Knight hopes after reading the book you’ll raise the bar in loving yourself more so that someone can love you even better.