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If I was love could you find me?

If the power of love was as strong as the scent of the rose garden, love would be strong never weak. It would seek only to find the purest soul, to stand up against the soft kiss of the wind. If love desired a place it wouldn’t be deep in the sea, it would be in the love garden, If I was love could you find me?
Could your heart sail on a journey with the wind & lift my spirit from deep within?
If I am love could you find me? If I was near would you even know it or would the journey be a complex conquest you couldn’t flow with? If the power of love could stand up against fear then you could feel my love draw near.
If your need to love was great then you could feel the pain from my heartache. You could see the look on my face and know that deep in my
eyes I once had the most beautiful love garden that grew with flowers of faith, hope & leaves of trust but for whatever season that took place, my love garden was misplaced. Since I am love, I believe the roots to that garden are still grounded but need care. Shall I find someone to share?
My soul isn’t looking but my heart isn’t hiding.
Love knows where to find me. I am the smell from that beautiful garden that I once knew. I am the black butterfly over someone’s shoulder. I am the peace that comforts my child as he gets older. I am not perfect but I am humble. I am young but I am wise as I speak & arch my back, I rise.

I am lifted by the gift of love and my faith remains consistent of the things I am certain of, so I shall ask you again.
If I was love could you find me…. Since I am love will you find me?

The Garden of Truth

Truth reveals itself from the scent of the hour, as we stand near the canopy overlooking the tower.

Truth is exposed from the drop of dew that is on its way down the slope of the spring flower.

Our eyes get caught as we pretend not to have looked at each other. The garden of truth is like the garden’s mother, making her way to analyze our thoughts, oh yes and to capture those moments we thought we were safe but caught.

Did we ever know mother garden was looking out for us as I bat my eyes under my straw hat, how wonderful is that?

We play like two kids who just met for the very first time, is it true? Oh garden! Could this love truly be mine?

Whether we play hide and seek or truth or dare, the garden of truth gives no room to spare.

You may hide behind a rose but in a matter of time you’ll be exposed. Even just before the new season when the rose garden leaves fall and give us no reason.

Oh garden & as we grow we find that the truth hurts as we get pricked from the rose bush after the dry leaves fall in the dirt.

Yet again truth reveals itself from the scent of the hour, as we stand near the canopy overlooking the tower.

Love knows us so well & as the gardens whisper the truth may never tell us on time. Oh Garden, Oh Garden, Could this love truly be mine?

Black Butterfly

Years ago you flew as a black butterfly but now you realize that you are a beautiful black butterfly.
You are rare. You are unique.
You are not from here but you belong here. You preserve.
You let the wind guide you toward your journey.
You are fearless.
There is no place you pass judgement or doubt for only the confused
ponder what doubt is about.
You are at peace while sailing even if your heart was ever ailing.
Your mind rescues you and the journey transforms you.
You are a beautiful black butterfly, fierce & fearless in the sky.
You love strong and soar even stronger even the birds want to protect you like armour. You are rare. You are unique.
You are not from here but you belong here.
You are the missing ingredient in a culture that’s in need of your DNA.
Years ago you didn’t realize that the beautiful black butterfly was within
All of your beautiful silk black skin.

Now I know you are fearless & gentle, magnificent yet meek
Out of all the pretty butterflies that I see,
I see a beautiful black butterfly that looks just like me
Her wings represent glory as she soars across the sky singing her story.
She sings of hope & inspiration, across the sky through many nations.
She see’s the best in others & represents the nurturing nature of our mothers.
She’s strong, fearless, genuine & feminine.
and look there goes one right there in the sky

It’s a beautiful black butterfly.

About the Garden


“I can appreciate the poem Black Butterfly because it inspires women of color to embrace who they are & how they look”.

Jack Ellis

Former Mayor of Macon Ga, Honorary Consul of Uganda

“The poem If I was love could you find me = great! Keep uplifting people!”

Paul Carrick Brunson - TV Host, Author

OWN Network, Good Morning America, CNN, Ebony, Black Enterprises

Am I Kidding Myself” is a phenomenal piece!”

Peabo Bryson

Grammy Award Winner Singer Songwriter